Vechain(VET) invests in Bitso, Ripple invests in Bitso, Greyscale gets green light on Crypto security

Vechain’s partnership with Japan’s Muramo Tea house is finally getting implemented and an RFID chip will now track every bag of tea they ship. This is not a huge partnership but could be a gateway into Japan for Vechain’s technology. Ripple invests into Bitso exchange today to help them expand into Brazil and Argentina. Since Bitso was already an x-rapid premium partner, it was only a matter of when that Ripple would invest in Bitso. Greyscale’s fund which consists of 80% BTC, 10% ETC and 10% BCH, LTC, and XRP got the green light today. It will not be able to be traded for a year, but its a step forward for the crypto industry.

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