VeChain and PWC rumors and XRP and Moneygram rumors

There have been many rumors involving VeChain and PWC and XRP and money and SCB lately. These rumors have floated the price of these coins but nothing has yet been confirmed by either one. We know that PWC will give some kind of announcement regarding VeChain in the month of June, but we do not know what. DNVGL has also given hints that they will announce new partners on VeChain.
As for XRP, there was the rumor(most probably fake) that Ripple was going to buy Moneygram. Since Ripple has said that they are not interested in becoming a money transmitter, this seems unlikely. The other thing is that SCB(Siam commercial Bank)’s twitter account answers a “when xrp” question with soon. That tweet has now been deleted so we may have a while to wait before SCB implements XRP.

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