XRP, EOS at the top of most recent Weiss rankings

XRP and EOS sit at the top of the most recent Weiss rankings for cryptocurrencies. XRP is there because of its ability to compete with SWIFT in the banking sector and EOS is there because it is the most likely challenger to Ethereum on the Mainnet and smart contract front. I agree with XRP’s position but not EOS’s position as I believe it is still very, very far away from challenging Ethereum and is more close to TRON than Ethereum. EOS does not have nearly the same enterprise clients lined up behind it as Ethereum and I do not see anywhere near the same adoption. I would swap out EOS for Ethereum in the top 2. Bitcoin is #3 because of Lightning network which I disagree with as well. Lightning has been talked about for a long time but it is yet to be implemented on a mass scale and we should wait for that to happen before we start singing its praises.

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