Electroneum Launches an $80 mobile phone that mines ETN, Brilliant play?

Electroneum(ETN) has launched an $80 mobile phone that can mine about $3 worth of ETN each month. I think this phone is going to be targeted toward poorer countries since people in those countries may not be able to afford $1000 for a shiny new Iphone or galaxy S10. The extra incentive of being able to mine $3 per month of ETN may tip it over the edge as after 2.5 years, the phone is more or less free. I do not think Electroneum is really planning to make much money off the phones themselves at $80 a pop but is hoping for widespread use of their cryptocurrency and becoming the de-facto currency in certain poorer countries of the world. If this happens, the price of ETN can skyrocket and the company would make way more money off of that than phone sales. Its still a long shot but just got 1 step closer to happening.

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