TRON’s 2-proned approach to growing demand

TRON(TRX) has had a lot of developments recently, especially in regarding to the new BitTorrent(BTT) token launching on the TRON network and the TronGoo game coming over from Ethereum. Tron’s strategy is not to make every game that comes over run on TRON or every project that ICO’s on TRON use TRX. Rather, it is to provide a platform where anyone can create a TRX based token to get as many projects on the blockchain as possible. TronGOO still needs a small amount of TRON to facilitate every transaction as does any other TRX based token. Getting more and more dAPPS on the platform will increase the demand for TRON and raise its price. The other way to increase TRON price is airdrops. TRX holders will get some amount of BTT(don’t know ratio yet) and a lot of coins that eventually deploy on the TRX network will probably have airdrops as well making TRX very desirable because it will net you free coins. This two-pronged method will fuel the speculative value of TRON to much higher than your average coin.

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