Use cases for top 20 coins

Here are use cases for top 20 coins rundown:

1. Bitcoin — Paying Ohio Taxes, Bitpay Card, Many Vendors
2. XRP — X-current, X-rapid, banks, Remittances(Transfergo), Omni, Coil, X-spring
3. ETH — Tokenizing Apartments, J.P. Morgan(enterprise Ethereum), Amazon web services, IDEX exchange
4. XLM — XLM open marketplace(exchange), Starlight, IBM Worldwire, Smartlands
5. EOS – Elemental Battles Game, Gambling Games
6. BCH – Vendors like
7. BSV – ATM machines in various countries? Not sure.
8. LTC – FB messanger, Various Merchants
9. Cardano – Cardanocard, Fintech(forthcoming)
10. Monero –
12. BNB – Binance exchange, Booking of 450,000 hotels for travel
13. IOTA – Vehicle Supply Chain, Data Marketplace, Waste Monitoring in skyscrapers, city parking monitoring, Self-driving car fleets

14. NEM – Luxtag, Charity(cryptoheroes)
15. Dash – Church Chicken in Venezuela, various merchants
16. ETC – IHOK, not sure about use cases
17. NEO — Generation of GAS, use cases)
18. Zcash – Merchants
19. Tezos – Moneytrack
20. Dogecoin – Dogepal, reddit tipping, mom and pop shops

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