Wall Street manipulating crypto to buy in a lower prices?

A new article states that Wall Street is Manipulating Crypto assets in order to buy in at cheaper prices. The report claims that wall street executives have been timing critical quotes against crypto and pushing the price down so they or the firms that they run can buy cryptocurrency at a cheaper price. While some wall street execs have indeed been very critical of crypto, several people on Wall Street have actually been supportive and opinions are split. Morever, many of the whales that can majorly influence the price are outside of wall street.
I, however, do put a lot of them blame on the unregulated futures market, especially at places like Bitmex where you can do naked shorts and leverage 100:1 to short sells and then sell off your stash of crypto to make sure that short sell pays off. Since it is spot shorts instead of a 1 month contract, it is much easier to manipulate it in that way.

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