Bit Torrent Accepts TRON, Bitcoin, and Binance Coin for purchases

Bit Torrent and U-Torrent now will accept TRON(TRX), Bitcoin(BTC), and Binance Coin(BNB)for purchasing of their ad-free versions and their premium versions. This is a great use case for these coins as millions of users still use these products which could be millions of dollars worth of transactions that are based on speculation. The choice of these three coins was pretty obvious. Tron was going to be included because TRON owns Bit Torrent and wants another solid use-base for its coin. Bitcoin is accepted because its the premier cryptocurrency and Binance Coin is accepted because Binance and TRON have been partnered for a variety of projects and I can see collaboration between the two organizations going forward. I think this development is most positive for TRON as they actually own Bit Torrent and I can see TRON adding more paid services in the future which will make further use cases for its coin.

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