Dogecoin, why the recent price drop and coinbase listing concerns

Dogecoin has suffered a price drop lately because of concerns that it may not get listed on Coinbase due to the fact that the team cannot fill out the application form. Coinbase, I believe, is more made for structured organizations with CEOs, CIOs, and such and Dogecoin’s profile simply does not fit in as they just have a team of developers and a strong community. It probably does not check boxes that Coinbase needs. Also, there was a recent tweet indicating that the team was not looking to list the coin on Coinbase done in a very sarcastic way, which probably does not bode well for a possible listing. I think the team needs to take these matters more seriously and really have a business development team to pursue partnerships and listings. This would really help the coin get more adoption and give investors a reason to actually invest in Dogecoin, outside the small investors who invest for just the meme.

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