How large banks and institutions may transact XRP

XRP will soon be widespread for use from banks and institutions but they may not be buying and selling on the same public exchanges that retail investors like you and I go to. They will probably have a private channel at the exchanges where they can buy and sell XRP for a stable price to use for transactions. There is just too much risk and volatility for x-rapid to buy and sell XRP for the banks on a public exchange and a large order of tens or hundreds of millions that has to be filled immediately will instantly raise or tank the price of XRP. Banks and large institutions are not going to accept losing large amounts of money per transaction on the buying and selling of XRP so they will most likely do it via private channels for institutional X-rapid purchases to ensure a stable price, at least on a day to day basis. This will not have the effect on price that many XRP fans are hoping for as price increases will come slowly as the institutional side slowly takes supply away from the retail side so it will be a slow steady increase in price instead of sudden jump that many are hoping for.

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