Roubini says XRP, ETH, Alt coins will go bust

Dr. Roubini, who got famous predicting the 2008 crash says that blockchain is not useful and that most coins like ETH and XRP will go bust. However, I do not agree with him because many coins, and especially XRP have found a large market and will soon get massive widespread use by the banking sector. Santander Bank with its $1.7 trillion in assets has already said it would use XRP to settle all of its transactions and more banks sign on with xCurrent and xRapid every day. J.P. Morgan is building their new messaging system on Ethereum and Ethereum has been use to tokenize premium property so his assertion about blockchain not finding use is flat out wrong. I think he will lose part of this reputation when XRP becomes a big player in the financial markets and blockchain being the technology that changes many industries.

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