XRP and SAP partnership could push price way up, but on what timeline?

There has been rumblings of an XRP and SAP partnership regarding their payments system Temenos. If it integrates XRP, it would put XRP use at the hands of 3000 banks and could be a big boon for the price. However, I still think predictions of $100-$500 per XRP by the end of the year are very pre-mature. Just because 3000 banks will be able to use it does not mean that 3000 banks will immediately jump on and use it. These large technological advancement rollouts are generally slow and you can’t just “flip a lightswitch on” and expect to generate trillions of dollars out of nowhere. I do think it has the potential to reach $100, but perhaps in 5 years time. Even Banco Santander’s announcement that they will use XRP to settle all settlements did little to the price and they are a bank with $1.7+ trillion in assets so I doubt any announcement is magically going to push up XRP to $100 or more by the end of the year.

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