TRON(TRX) partners with Baidu in blockbuster deal

TRON(TRX)has some unofficial confirmations that the partner they have hinted at is Baidu. While neither company has publicly confirmed it yet, a source from Coiness has said that officials from TRON have confirmed it with them and Baidu will announce it next week at Baidu Cloud. This leads me to think that TRON will be working with Baidu on the blockchain implementation in their cloud storage and hosting services and that it will be built on the TRON network. Baidu had said they were building an independent Blockchain project around Sept. 26th, 2018, but now it looks like that it the project may be built on the TRX ecosystem. This is big for TRON as a partnership with such a big company could easily bring the volume of TRON above that of EOS or Ethereum and over time move the price far higher than it is currently to match. It looks like TRON has been busy behind the scenes and it is finally paying off.

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