Ripple and Xpring might be a gamechanger, will it lead to mass adoption and price hike?

Although Xcurrent and Xrapid have been getting all the headlines lately, another one of Ripple’s products, named Xpring might be just as important in getting mass retail adoption on the internet. Xpring will power things like coil and xrptipbot, which may eventually kill online ads and be great for content consumers on the internet as well as webmasters trying to monetize their traffic. Coil combines with XRPtipbot to let registered users automatically donate small amounts of XRP to the content creators whose content they are consuming. In the future, this may lead to an internet where people who are using coil to donate not seeing any ads. If enough people do this then XRP could in fact kill website advertising and become the de facto currency for the internet. This would certainly skyrocket the price of XRP. However, this involves many small transactions each day and I would be concerned about the burn rate of XRP in the future if it were to get mass adopted this way.

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