Cardano Leadership Split may spell trouble for price

IOHK and Emurgo looks like they are splitting off from the Cardano foundation and are trying to persuade its chairman to resign. The split came about because IOHK, Charles Hoskinson, and Emurgo has said that Cardano is not keeping its end of the deal in their parntership. Further concerns regarding the centralization of the Cardano Foundation and the dwindling numbers on its board deepen the split. Since Hoskinson cannot force the Chairman of the Cardano Foundation to step down, he is appealing to the Cardano community to convince Parsons to resign. This should not be that hard to convince the Cardano community since the community was the one to come out and say that the Cardano Foundation has not executed on its core responsibilities and duties. Even though the split may only be a small distraction to Cardano developers, it is sure to inspire uneasiness within the community and investors and may cause the price to fall.

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