Why the Market is not going to implode

A research article by Juniper research says that the Cryptocurrency market is on the verge of implosion and gives low daily transaction volumes on the exchanges as the main reason. The daily number of transactions has fallen 40-50% since the beginning of the year when prices were super inflated but prices have held steady at above $6000 which was tested a few times but quickly bounced back from. The volume in terms of dollars has mainly fallen because the price has fallen, but once again the price has been holding steady and successfully rebounded from the $6000 mark several times. You also have to consider that the OTC market has grown substantially in the last years, especially as hedge funds are getting into the field now and 2/3 of all trading occurs over the counter and not at exchanges so the unseen volume is now greater than the volume you can see in terms of Bitcoin.
Furthermore, there was almost no adoption early this year and all the price inflation was based on hype so there was nothing to maintain it whereas now there is a lot of adoption, more financial products, and industries like auto, banking, remittance, and city planning have all partnered with big crypto companies to further their future business interests. Its getting to the point where even if Bitcoin falls, another giant like XRP can step in and take its place due to industry backing. All these factors actually point to a bull run that should soon happen and not the bear run that Juniper research predicts.

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