Dogecoin preparing a coinbase submission, why price moon afterwards?

Dogecoin is preparing a Coinbase submission to be listed according to core team developer Ross Nicoll. This would be a big deal as Coinbase is seen as one of the most prestigious exchanges out there with full SEC approval and compliance. Since Dogecoin does not have a big company behind it like XRP, Cardano, and others, it may make the listing a little difficult as DOGE is truly a community based coin. There are certain checkboxes that Coinbase likes that DOGE will find it hard to check off and you cannot just write “WOW, SO MUCH LISTING” for any answer that you do not have. I believe this will have an effect on price immediately after listing, perhaps pushing it past the 1 cent mark again, even in this bear market. However, the effect will not be as big as the effects last year on such coins as Litecoin and Ethereum because there are more bigger exchanges out there this year and DOGECOIN is already histed at HitBTC, Bittrex, Poloniex and others and has healthy trading volume even without Coinbase. However, Coinbase will put it in the eyes of institutional investors which may trigger community excitement and further upside for Dogecoin.

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