Bytecoin Price Plummet after Binance De-listing

Several people on my channel have asked me about Bytecoin recently and I did a video several months ago on Bytecoin right after it got listed on Binance that said it looked decent. More recently, I’ve said that Bytecoin needs to get more people to use its mainnet before we look for any kind of a price pump. Now, I would tell people to not buy Bytecoin for now because it just got de-listed from Binance. Binance has several reasons to de-list a coin and it did not reveal specifically why but none of those reasons are good. Since a significant part of Bytecoin’s volume came from Binance, we could have expected a decrease in price when this happened. Since it is not for lack of trading activity that Binance de-listed them, we can assume it was either lack of commitment to the project by the team, development cycle problems, network instability, or lack of responsiveness to Binance inquiries. For prospective investors of Bytecoin, I think it would be best to hold back until we receive further news on this topic.

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