XRP shows uptick in institutional interest, proof of a second price increase? Santander to use XRP to settle all payments

In the past few months, XRP has seen a major uptick in institutional interest and is set to overtake Ethereum for the #2 spot not only in overall marketcap but in institutional investments. Bitcoin still dominates the field with 66.8% of the institutional market but XRP has grown from 9.9% to 12.5% and is only .6% behind Ethereum which went down from 23.6 to 13.1%. This means that while institutions are losing faith in Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, and Litecoin, they are gaining confidence in XRP(and bitcoin as well). This bodes well for XRP’s future price as more institutional money goes into buying XRP, it will surely increase demand to the point where there is another breakout in price. Also banks like Santander using XRP to settle all payments will generate lots of native demand means that Ripple has to have another price breakout no matter what the bears and bulls may say.

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