TRON working with Binance on Joint Venture, NASDAQ hints at adoption

Although TRON and Alibaba may just be a rumor, the CEO of Binance has confirmed that Binance and the TRON foundation have a joint venture together with the Malta Stock exchange. While details on the collaboration have not been revealed, the CEO of Binance has revealed that the two parties have been collaborating when he was asked why TRON and Binance don’t just do a joint venture. NASDAQ has also hinted at adoption of TRON and Binance which would be pretty huge, not just for the two parties but for all of the crypto world. Although I do not think this is the case, I am hoping the exchange collaboration could mean that Binance will eventually make BNB a TRX-20 coin and the decentralized exchange will run on the TRX mainnet. News like this would be huge and would instantly make the TRX mainnet the most used mainnet in the entire crypto-sphere which would super-pump the price of the TRX coin. Probably won’t happen, but I can dream, can’t I?

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