TRON to activate TVM, host developers conference, TRX price analysis and predictions

TRON(TRX)has been on a roll lately and is slated to activate its TVM today(October 8th, 2018). TRON’s price has had a significant bump upwards over the weekend and many would expect with the launch of the TVM and the news that they will hold a developer’s conference in January, that the price would go up even further. However, looking at past reactions to news, this is not always the case. Look at XRP for instance. The price shot up when rumors of the X-rapid launch came through but after the actual launch of X-rapid with three customers, the price actually went down. This is a classic case of “Buy the rumors, sell the news”, which, logically is stupid but humans don’t always act in rational ways. I think we may see the same thing with TRON as people may have bought on the anticipation of the TVM launch but are now selling because news has come out and they think prices have peaked. The same thing happened with TRON’s mainnet launch. So while TRON’s mid and long term forecast may be bullish, I’d be very cautious about buying TRON at this high price right now.

* I am not a professional financial adviser and this is not professional financial advice, I am not responsible for your gains or losses.

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