Does OTC trading hurt BTC, XRP price?

Recent reports have shown that OTC(over the counter) trades, especially by large institutions and hedge funds, are at least double if not more than double the volume on the exchanges. This shows that the demand is surely there but it is not bringing up the price because these large buys are happening at a fixed price instead of at market prices. In this way, hedge funds and large institutional investors are accumulating large amounts of cryptocurrency without pushing up the price and are therefore able to pay less for their stores of Bitcoin and XRP. In the short run, this is bad for investors like you and me who have to buy on the exchange but in the long run, it really should not matter that much because once these big institutional guys accumulate enough, they will want the price to move up so their stash of coins is worth more. At some point(hopefully by mid-October according to what I’ve been hearing), they will have accumulated enough and the price will start to push up, and everyone’s fortunes will rise. Also, if you buy enough of the supply on the OTC market, the supply will eventually start to dry up and there will be a supply/demand imbalance and prices will have to be pushed up.

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