Cardano Price Spike before open version launch?

There has been some confusion over Cardano(ADA) lately with news saying that the price will spike up before its mainnet launch. Cardano’s mainnet launch happened late last year and in fact, they just celebrated their one year anniversary of their mainnet launch. However, the mainnet launch was a closed one, the open one for everyone is slated to be for Q1 of 2019, so that might be what they are talking about. There is also version 1.4 that is going to roll out this month as well as Shelley and the decentralized aspect of the mainnet that is slated for sometime in the near future to truly de-centralize Cardano. I do believe Cardano will have a price increase in the run-up to the open launch and may be as high as 25 cents if the market as a whole improved decently as the year ends.

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