TRON teams with Alibaba to open new exchange

TRON and Alibaba have announced that they have been working together on a cryptocurrency exchange for about three months now and this should cause excitement for TRON investors. We do not know when this exchange will be launched by since TRON is advising and helping to develop the infrastructure for this exchange, it could well be built on the TRX network which would be a huge boon to TRX volume and price. For those of you that don’t know, BTS coin has one of the most active networks in all of crypto and even though BTS isn’t a top coin by marketcap, its network is very busy because Crypto-bridge, a small DEX that is run on it. Alibaba’s exchange will be far larger in scale than crypto-bridge which means that TRON may be #1 in network activity(although not in marketcap or price), but network activity will generate large amounts of volume which will in turn push price upwards. Just launching a large exchange on the TRX network could push the price of TRON to an all-time high.

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