XRP, will it decouple from Bitcoin?

Most coins follow BTC up and down and their fates are tied to Bitcoin. XRP, however, has been bucking the trend and unlike most coins where it is more of a temporary thing, the adoption aspect of XRP makes this almost seem like a permanent thing.
All crypto prices are basically dependent on volume and as price goes up, so does volume. Volume is dependent on speculation and how many people are willing to buy and trade it. Since there is very little use in crypto aside from buying and speculating, BTC represents all other cryptos as it is the only way to buy a lot of cryptocurrencies(at least people think it is), so you have to buy BTC first before buying anything else and in that way the volume if BTC also represents the volume of every other crypto.
That may be about to change with XRP as banks and institutions may have to buy it in order to use in their transactions so its volume will not depend on BTC. That and the fact that Gemini exchange uses XRP as a base pair instead of BTC means there are many ways to buy XRP without having to go through BTC first.
I hope this does happen as de-coupling from BTC would mean people will buy crypto more based on merits rather than how BTC is looking at the moment. I believe it is a necessary evolution for the market to grow.

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