XRP, reasonable price for end of year(2018)

Even though $598 as an end of the year target for XRP has been thrown around a lot, I don’t think having a marketcap of $20 trillion or more by the end of 2018 is realistic for XRP. I think based on current partnerships and adoption that $3-$5 is a more reasonable estimate based on the fact that I think Bitcoin will reach around $12,000 by then. Right now the price is not moving up because there has not been more time for important partnerships to sink in for people and once these come along and people see that millions are being transacted by XRP each day, I think the Bull Run will begin in earnest. But that takes time and not everyone is using X-rapid. Some are using X-current and that matters because X-current does not have to use XRP but X-rapid does. However, I do believe that people on X-current will eventually use XRP and some will upgrade to X-rapid over time.
One thing that would have me revise my prediction to $10-$15 is if SWIFT integrates XRP on November 30th. There has been rumors and speculation but all the “proof” videos I’ve seen are nothing more than speculation and neither SWIFT or Ripple has mentioned it. It could happen but since nothing is confirmed or has been leaked, I cannot make a prediction based on that right now.
So for now my original prediction of $3-$5 stands but if confirmed I think SWIFT will bring it up to $10-$15 by end of year.

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