XRP, is it right for Amazon or is DOGE better?

XRP and Doge been two of the most talked about and hottest coins as of late. Amazon has been a rumor for both of them and they are both suited for the job as they have a large supply and very fast transaction speeds. XRP has more institutional support whereas DOGE has a rabbid community that loves DOGE. However, XRP’s burn structure may make it a hard choice for places like Amazon, Target, or Walmart. Since 10 drops are burned per transaction(100,000 transactions is 1 XRP burn) and places like Amazon and Walmart run billions upon billions of transactions per day, it would lead to a fast burn rate, which is not good for long-term use of the coin. You do not want an ever shrinking monetary supply for consumer products. XRP is excellent for international transfers because they are generally larger sums per transaction instead of many small transactions so the burn rate is not as fast. DOGE does not burn coins and an inflationary coin may actually suit a business with an expanding customer base as well so for customers DOGE might be better.

However Amazon could use XRP to pay its merchants since those are generally bigger payments that only happen once a month and XRP is very suited to that.

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