Bitcoin Bull run will catch people by surprise, may not need ETF, Bakkt launch may be trigger

Bakkt will launch next month, providing one-day cryptocurrency futures that are actually settled in Bitcoin and not cash. This may be the trigger that starts the Bitcoin bull run because the premises for another rise in Bitcoin price is already there. Unknown by most people, hedge funds have already overtaken wealthy individuals in Bitcoin purchases of over $100,000 which means that large institutions have already stockpiled a good amount of Bitcoin and could benefit for a large rise in price. I think once they’ve decided that they’ve accumulated enough, they will start to take actions to increase the price of Bitcoin by buying on the exchanges instead doing all their trading on the OTC market via private brokerages at a fixed price. People who are waiting on the sidelines for the market to improve are going to be completely taken off guard by this because the rise if probably come fast. Once they are convinced that the market has turned, they may be too late to cash in on most of the gains.

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