TRON Says TVM to be activated on October 8th

TRON has just passed 400,000 user accounts, surpassing EOS by over 60,000 accounts and its daily transaction volume is surging, signaling a promising future. It has also deployed 2 decentralized gaming applications on its mainnet and is working hard on integrating TRON into the BitTorrent application which it bought a while ago. It has announced that the TRON Virtual Machine will be activated on the 8th of October and that the Decentralized exchange will also be ready at that time.
This is a much faster timeline than I would have thought and it shows that the people at TRON and delivering on their promises and more which is why I believe TRON is a great crypto to own in the future.

*Note I am not a professional financial adviser and this is no professional financial advice. You are responsible for your own gains and losses.

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