TRON gives project Atlas roadmap, passes 400,000 user accounts

TRON has now hit 400,000 user accounts and has obtained more unique addresses in the 95 days since its mainnet launch than Ethereum did in the same time after its mainnet launch in 2015. TRON has also built two decentralized gaming apps on its platform and has drawn out their plans for project Atlas(their project for the Bittorent purchase).

Basically, users who don’t want the new Tokenized features can keep using the service as is but users who do want the new features can purchase things like premium download speeds and content via the platform. The platform will remain free for everyone to use and upload/share files as it is. I think this is a brilliant move for TRON as platform like Bittorrent encourages spur of the moment purchases and will get more people to use cryptocurrency and the TRX ecosystems. I believe TRON will beat out EOS and Ethereum in the mainnet market in the future.

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