Crypto Bull Run Coming Q4 2018: 5 reasons

Many people are wondering when the next bull run will be in crypto. I will make a case that Q4 of 2018 is a perfect time for a bull run with five solid reasons:

1. Q4 has almost always been good for crypto — If you just look back on history, you’ll notice that Q4 has almost always been good for crypto and has always been a season for great improvements in price, including last year. As weird as it sounds, the crypto year sort of follows the business year with Q1 and Q2 usually not being great, Q3 being ok and Q4 being far better than the other quarters.

2. Lots of financial products from the big players are going to come into play in Q4. Coinbase and other companies are expanding their custody programs and will attract more institutional investors. Major financial Giants like Fidelity will also introduce cryptocurrency products for retirement and savings investments which should attract more money into crypto

3. Regulations are getting hammered out by the United States and other countries and pro crypto groups are starting to appear in government. Several senators urged the IRS to provide more guidelines and a safe harbor for crypto investors and Coinbase and other crypto companies have started a crypto lobby group in Washington.

4. Third world countries are turning to crypto to buffer against their unstable fiat currency. Countries like Venezuela, Turkey, and Iran’s citizens are turning to crypto because their own money is unstable and crypto is a border-less money that can be used as a buffer around the world.

5. Real world usage of Crypto is here. Whether its XLM or XRP with banking and remittances or IOTA with the auto industry, crypto is seeing widespread adoption and use, thus erasing the main criticism of cryptocurrency.

For these reasons, I do believe Q4 is ripe for a bull run.

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