Dogecoin gets Bitrefill Adoption, eyes DogeAmazon petition, and reason why its a good investment

Dogecoin was adopted by Bitrefill on September 21st. Bitrefill is a place where you can buy gift cards and pre-paid mobile phone cards using Dogecoin(and several other cryptos). There are already hundreds of small merchants that accept Dogecoin and the DogeAmazon petition is on track to reach its 25,000 signatures to try and convince Amazon to adopt Dogecoin as a payment system. I doubt Amazon will be moved. But even if Amazon does not adopt Dogecoin in their marketplace, it could run a test trial accepting Dogecoin for prime memberships, which would still be huge. However, neither is likely to happen.
Dogecoin has gained a lot in the last month while the overall market has been flat and if it continues to show price independence because of its strong community, it would be a very attractive assets to have in a fund portfolio as it would act as a hedge to the movement of other assets. For these reasons, I believe Dogecoin is an excellent investment choice.

* I am not a professional financial adviser and this is not professional financial advice. You are responsible for you own trades and I am not responsible for your gains or losses.

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