Coinbase to more quickly add new digital assets

Coinbase announced today that one of its biggest customer demands is that they add more digital assets to their offerings. Being one of the most trusted exchanges, the issue with them has always been that they do not offer enough digital assets to trade on their platform, offering only five. Coinbase, however, is also fully complaint with laws and regulations and only lists coins that are also just that, which may shrink down the pool of valid coins. They announced a new process recently where they will evaluate coins on a jurisdiction by jurisdiction basis that should allow them to list more digital assets that people want. Coinbase, if they find that your cryptocurrency is legitimate, will not ask for a large listing fee like other centralized exchanges which removes a hurdle for many coins. I think this will lead to at least 40 digital assets to be listed on coinbase by the end of the year and may impact the overall market in a positive way.

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