TRON Technical Analysis and reasoning for optimistic price forecast

TRON has had a hard year this year, falling from a high of 26 cents early in the year to its current price of 2.2 cents. However, there does seem to be some reversal from the trend and we could see a bullish breakout in the last three months of the year. Starting in early to Mid august, the descending patterns has stopped and has flattened out. Except for the hype surrounding its mainnet launch, TRON has not seen positive or even neutral price trends for this long. There is also a lot of positive news regarding the purchase of BitTorrent, the launch of the TRON Virtual Machine, the Seed Germinator, and other things that would drive the price of TRX up. Perhaps, most important of all, the general market trend is breaking out from the downtrend and should be inching back up during the last three months of this year. This, coupled with the reversal of TRON own trend and the apps that will be launching on its main net could make TRON one of the highest performing Cryptos in Q4 of 2018.

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