Dogecoin strategy to increase your position

Dogecoin has dropped from 100 Satoshi to around 85 Satoshi in the last few days and I think, even at this price, selling Dogecoin could be a good move, considering that Dogecoin came up from around 40 satoshi recently. I think the euphoric sentiment from the Dogethereum bridge test and other news has worn off and Doge is slowly coming back down to reality and may bottom at around 60 Satoshis. I do believe that another DOGE run will come soon as soon they release the actual date of the DogeEthereum bridge launch or announce when they are going to list Dogecoin in Coinbase and include it in the Coinbase custody program. Those are the two triggers that will trigger the next bull run for Dogecoin so it may be smart to sell off now, wait for it to drop to around 65 Satoshi, before buying back in.

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