Coinbase Hires for New York Office, Fidelity to introduce new crypto products,NYU offers cryto major

Coinbase is hiring new people for their New York office that is mostly geared towards serving institutional investors with their custody service. They are looking to head hunt high level people from the financial or investing sectors to give them credibility to pull institutional investors into their platform. These clients will have a lot of money to invest in Crypto and it may help bring the overall market up.
Fidelity, which handles a lot of cash in retirement funds says market pressure is making it introduce cryptocurrency products by the end of this year. If even a small fraction of their retirement funds go into crypto, it can mean a large increase in the influx of money coming into cryptocurrency. Fidelity’s statement also makes me confident that there are a lot of people waiting on the sidelines looking for the right time to get into crypto meaning there is a lot of money out there that wants to jump in.
NYU has also offered the first cryptocurrency major at their university due to the vast demand that was arising. This tells me that up and coming generation will have much greater interest in the cryptocurrency market and eventually more money will flow in as understanding improves.

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