Binance plans to open exchanges on every continent, BNB to soar to $50?

Binance, aside from planning to open a DEX by the end of this year, plans now to open fiat to crypto exchanges on every continent except Antarctica(its rumored that penguins are hostile to Crypto). Binance, which is known for its crypto to crypto exchange, is getting into the game with fiat to crypto because it acknowledges that the crypto market is a small percentage of the fiat market and fiat is where the big money is. Binance has plans to siphon some of that money away from the fiat market and put it into crypto. All these new exchanges, will, of course, increase the demand of BNB coin and could push it up towards $50 as volumes increase. This Token, as well as moves made by Binances are something to keep your eye on in the coming months.

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