XRP to $589 by the December? Crazy forecast guy needs to put the crack pipe down

A ripple insider has been advocating this crazy theory that XRP could be as high as $589 by December because of X-rapid. He obviously thinks that X-rapid could at least replace part of the function that is currently done by SWIFT — by December. This is pretty much crazy talk. Transitions like that take a long time to complete, way more than 3 months and even if you completely took over SWIFT, it was calculated based on transaction volume, you would only achieve $520 or so.
But I have another reason that it won’t get anywhere close to $589 anytime soon. There is roughly 99,000,000,000 xrp out there right now. About 39 billion circulating and about 60 billion held in escrow by Ripple. If it went up to $589, that would represent about $60 trillion worth of revenue. That is 60 Amazons or 60 Apples. That is also more than 1/5 of all the World’s combined wealth and represents almost a 2000x increase over the currency valuation in 3 months. Even for Crypto standards, that is pretty crazy. This is obviously a crazy insane prediction and I think even if XRP hits $5 by the end of the year, its users will be jumping for joy.

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