Kik brings Crypto to 100 million in Beauty industry, Crypto-reward Electric vehicles launched

Beauty platform Perfect 365 has teamed up with Kin to bring cryptocurrency to its 100 million(mostly female) users. The beauty app will reward users with cryptocurrency for completing a variety of tasks including surveys. The fact that this is targeting the female population is important as only 8 percent of all cryptocurrency investors are female. However, there are limitations on how much you can earn and at the current exchange rate, it comes to less than a penny per day of the cryptocurrency, so this will almost force people to hold on and hope the cryptocurrency gains momentum. This is the biggest user of the Kin ecosystem so far and a good start to get more women familiar with cryptocurrency.

Cyclean is launching a electric vehicle that combines blockchain and cryptocurrency software with electric powered vehicles. Cyclean will allow people to rent these products and get cryptocurrency as a reward. The reward will be based on how many miles you have traveled with these vehicles. This is a interesting idea, although somewhat ironic as cryptocurrency mining is devastating for the environment. Cyclean has completed its ICO and is listed on HitBTC.

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