Litecoin still overvalued at $50? Where are the partnerships?

Litecoin has lost over 75% of its all time high value of over $350 last December, but is it still overpriced even at $50?
Many are of the opinion that Litecoin is still overvalued because there hasn’t been that much development and sentiment has been pretty down since Litepay fell flat on its face early this year. Litecoin has also not secured any important partnerships with big name companies and its founder, Charlie Lee, sold all his Litecoin so people are worried about the future of the project. Bitmain also holds over 1 million Litecoin and may decide to sell them off to support the crumbling price of Bitcoin Cash, which Bitmain is heavily invested in. However, not everyone shares this sentiment on Litecoin and some still hold that it is Silver to Bitcoin’s gold. I think that might have been true last year as Litecoin was one of the first outside of Bitcoin to be listed on Coinbase, which gave it a massive boost. But Coinbase has since added Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic and plans to add 40 more coins before the end of the year, making a listing on Coinbase not nearly as exclusive as it once was. I do believe these factors are a negative selling pressure on Litecoin in the future.

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