Bitcoin to be overtaken by Another Crypto, Maybe not Bitcoin $250,000, but still massive crypto growth

Tim Draper predicted that Bitcoin would be at $250,000 by 2022, which would put the overall crypto market at $5 trillion to $10 trillion by then. However, Bitcoin does not have to grow to $250,000 for the overall crypto market to be that high. There is nothing saying that Bitcoin has to be the dominant crypto forever and there are plenty of others that are waiting to take its place.
Bitcoin, despite being the first coin, is ancient technology compared to many newer coins that have come out since then. Bitcoin also does not have partnerships like many other of the top coins such as XRP, XLM, or Iota so in the next few bull runs, one of these coins may indeed overtake Bitcoin as the #1 crypto. Add to the fact that more and more coins are adding USD pairs in the exchanges, thus decoupling themselves from the need to trade into Bitcoin first in order to buy them. All these factors suggest that in a few years, Bitcoin may not be sitting at the top of the crypto world anymore.

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