Dogecoin, is it poised for another bull run?

Dogecoin has gone up over 150% in the last month and has settled in the last week and a half at around 100 Satoshi. I had thought it would eventually drop and stabilize at around 60 Satoshi once the hype died down but now that I look at it, the listing on Yahoo Finance and Robinhood plus the anticipated launch of the Doge Ethereum Bridge looks like it may have permanently boosted DOGE’s volume more than I thought and it looks to have found solid support around 100 Satoshi. If you look at the biggest Doge wallets(top 10), you will see that except the Bittrex and Poloniex wallets(which represents thousands of traders), there hasn’t been much movement in the last week, which sort of cuts off manipulation in the last week as the reason for the price staying where it is. I think it is largely because of the positive sentiment and the strong community that DOGE is holding its price.
I actually think it might be poised for another bull run soon as news of the official launch date of the bridge “leaks” out and Coinbase gets closer to adding DOGE to its exchange and to its custody program. Its still a risk to buy DOGE at such a high price right now, but there may be another chance to get 100-200% from DOGE coin soon and there is a real possibility that DOGE will achieve an ATH in relation to Bitcoin and this will almost certainly happen if the price of Bitcoin really begins to rally.

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