Bitcoin to the Moon soon? Another reason people may not know about

There is further evidence of a bull run that social media people and Youtubers may actually have a scent of that other people are oblivious of when it comes to cryptocurrency and that is the number of views crypto videos get on Youtube when they are uploaded. We know that the price of cryptocurrency follows the general public’s interest in cryptocurrency and that can be indicated as the number of searches on google for cryptocurrency keywords. Related to that is how often cryptocurrency videos are watched on Youtube.
At the start of the year in January(and last December), every video I uploaded automatically got thousands of views, which meant that everyone was interested in crypto. As the year went on and the market dipped, the number of views per video went down and bottomed out around Mid to Late July. Note that I had been gaining subscribers all through this time and that did not stop the dip in views on the channel. Then around early to mid August, the numbers started rising again and has been rising slowly ever since(with the exception of a few Dogecoin videos that spiked the volume of views). I have been noticing this not only on my channel but on many other channels as well. The ones that started last July before me had huge gains from Last July through this January, then activity really slowed down all throughout the first half of the year and started picking up again early in August up until now.
What this means is that interest is growing and fresh money is there just on the sidelines waiting for a chance to jump in. Most of those people will jump in after the Bull Run has already started and not get the bulk of the gains because of them are waiting for a trigger and proof. The trigger may be the ETF of institutional trading news or it may be something else altogether, it is really hard to tell.

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