Nano’s price Jump, Pumping or something else?

Nano has been making a lot of headlines lately as its price has been a roller-coaster of sorts. Many have accused it of being a pump and dump group and I’m sure some of it is. However, there is another factor that we have to look at when deciding this. Nano is currently the #2 used coin, behind bitcoin at the Bitcoin superstore, a place where you can buy gift cards with cryptocurrency for Amazon, Target, Starbucks, and other places. 35% of the volume at the Bitcoin superstore is Bitcoin, 20% is Nano, 12% is Tron, and 8% is Litecoin, followed by coins that are a smaller share of the pie. Nano being #2 and being more than half of the tranactional volume of Bitcoin at the superstore means that the Nano community is willing to spend Nano to buy things they actually need, which is crucial for a coin’s success. So I think their use at the superstore is a really positive sign for Nano as they don’t seem to just have a bunch of speculators but actual users in the community. This is not something to be overlooked and may bring Nano to new heights in the future. I do think price will continue to fluctuate wildly as the Pump and Dump group continues to operate, but I do see positive upside for Nano if people are willing to spend the coin.

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