Possible Good partnerships for Dogecoin

A lot of the top coins have gotten themselves into big partnerships and I think Dogecoin needs to look into partnerships as well. However, I do not think Dogecoin should look to banking or manufacturing like some of the other coins have. I think Dogecoin should look into companies that fit its theme more to drive even more enthusiasm from its community and encourage more buying both from current and future holders that believe in its vision.

I think Dogecoin should in the end try to partner with big pet and pet supply distributors like Petco or Petsmart and in the future even perhaps tap into the breeder market. I think it’d be a big marketing success if someone bought a baby Shiba Inu as a pet with Dogecoins. I think this is a bit of a ways off as Dogecoin needs to gain more support and use before big pet suppliers will consider accepting Dogecoin at their stores.

Dogecoin should right now sponsor pet events like Doge shows and other pet shows or have their own sponsored entrants into those big pet shows and events(maybe even the famous Anchorage to Nome dog sled race) to gain notice for pet lovers and pet owners who may be interested or crypto to buy Dogecoin, not the speculate and make money, but because they like Dogecoin and the community and possibly use it to buy supplies for their pets. I think contest entrants that do well and wear Dogecoin shirts will do well with people at the shows and will really get Dogecoin out there. When people at shows know about Dogecoin, they might be tempted to enter cryptocurrency, not with Bitcoin, but with Dogecoin.

Dogecoin should also partner with good causes like the Humane society. Imagine the amount of social likes and shares and the marketing that would come with it, if someone rescued cute dogs from the shelter and gave them a loving coin and used Dogecoin for all of the transactions. Dogecoin has been used for charities and good causes before and I think something that fits long with this theme will inspire more pet lover, animal lovers, and pet owners to invest more in Dogecoin once they see and believe in its mission.

I think these three steps will take Dogecoin to the moon.

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