Bitcoin has 2 wallet movements great than $100 million, proves Bitcoin’s advantages over fiat

There have been 2 huge Bitcoin wallet movements within the last few days. Two address each moved more than $100,000,000 in Bitcoin. Some are speculating another dump and others are marveling at how low the fee was to move so much money. One of the two wallets is thought to be Bitfinex’s wallet so that does not raise huge concern as they could just be moving from their cold wallet to somewhere else or vice versa. The other one people are more shaky on as some people think its a precursor to a dump although no one is certain and it could just be whales moving Bitcoins around.
More than that concern was the marvel that it took less than $2 to move over $100,000,000 between wallets. Had that been through traditional banking ways, especially across borders, that fee charged would have been astronomically more, thus proving Bitcoin’s future worth and should put a scare in banks that their method and fee’s days are numbered.

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