TRON vs Ethereum, really Justin Sun vs Vitalik

There has been some drama in the crypto world lately as Vitalik took a shot at Justin Sun and Justin Sun responded, sharing his own views on crypto. This is a collision of two juggernauts in the Crypto World and possibly a reflection of the different directions that the two cryptos are heading.
Vitalik first said that he does not think Cryptocurrencies will see the fast 1000x growth again and some people thought he meant that cryptocurrencies would not see massive adoption and growth. However, this is not what he meant. He later clarified this by saying that what he meant was, he does not think that the market cap of cryptos will grow to 1000x what it is currently anytime soon. Considering that 1000x the current marketcap of cryptos would equal the vast majority of the world’s wealth, I would tend to agree with his assessment. He then took a shot at Justin Sun saying that if people thought like that, we’d all be creating hype like Justin Sun. Justin sun responded by saying that he believes in the future growth of crypto and that the crypto market would hit the $10 trillion market cap before any large corporation like Apple or Amazon did. I also agree with Justin Sun’s sentiment. I think the Crypto market cap of all coins will reach $10 trillion before any large corporation will. $10 trillion is still a far cry from 1000 times today’s market cap, which would put crypto at nearly $200 trillion so the two statements from the two titans of the crypto world are not mutually exclusive but they do represent the overall sentiment of careful growth from Vitalik vs boundless optimism from Justin sun. It also reflections the trajectories of Ethereum and TRON with TRON increasing its accounts and adoption while Ethereum is shrinking because it is being technologically outclassed by its competitors.

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