Top five Masternode Coins for September/October 2018

The world of Masternode coins moves very fast as ROI can change drastically from one month to the next. Below are five Masternode coins that I think have a good combination of stability and profitability for September and October of 2018.

* I am not a professional financial adviser and this is not professional financial advice, these are just my opinions and I am not responsible for your gains or losses.

1. Card Buyers Coin (Bcard) — This coin currently has over 900% ROI and is only about 12 cents a coin right now. It will continue to have good ROI for the next two months and have pretty good ROI for about 2 months after that. Its price is low right now because some people mistakenly have accused it for having malicious code in its wallet software. That has been proven false as the hacks were to another wallet and had nothing to do with Bcard. The FUD is still causing this coin’s price to be low but I believe in a week or so it will recover.

2. Secure Cloud coin(Sc2) — This coin is currently over 500% ROI and is following the pace of its roadmap with an beta version of its marketplace to be completed in December of 2018. Although it has come down from its super reward block, its ROI is still strong and owners of the coin are not mass dumping and the price is holding steady. The ROI, I believe, will remain above 250% for some months yet and for a coin with good stability, that is a very good ROI number which will attract people. As we get closer to the launch of an actual product, I do believe demand for the coin will rise. The product will launch before the ROI drops too much.

3. Logis Coin(LGS) — This is run by the same people who run Light Pay Coin, possibly the best MN coin of 2018. This coin will have increasing reward blocks for a few months yet and due to the transparency of the team, I think they will do extremely well. It has suffered a dip in price recently so it may be a good time to pick some up. If you have the money to get a node, I think this is s worthy investment.

4. PayDay Coin(PDX) — This coin is here not because of its MN potential, but because of its day trading potential. The price for a node is too high for most and I’m pretty sure most of the trading is run by bots. But this coin usually has a cycle of 3 days to 1.5 weeks where the price will range from $1.20 to $3.5 lately so buying close to the bottom and selling close to the top will net you a large ROI for this coin. I’m not sure about the product and the team although it does look like it has a team.

5. Gincoin(GIN) — One of the earlier Masternode coins that actually has a working product that people are paying for. They are also a registered entity as well. The price has suffered as of late because they are complying with regulations being a legit company and are waiting for legal papers to come through to start their shared MasterNode service. Once that comes through, I expect price to rebound rather quickly so buying low now may be a good idea.

Those are my picks for Masternode Coins for September and October of 2018.

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