Coinbase, Polychain Capital, etc unite to form Crypto lobbying group in DC

For a long time, only the anti-crypto people could fight with their weapon of corruption and lobby members of congress to pass more restrictions on crypto to hamstring its development because interest groups like Big Banks and Financial companies did not want to lose their power over the monetary system to a newcomer like decentralized crypto. However, the days of one-sided corruption and bribery have come to an end. Coinbase, and several other cryptocurrency companies have allied together and formed their own Washington DC lobbying group to fight the corruption and bribery with crypto’s own corruption and bribery! It levels out the playing field some and I bet some of the banks with crypto interests(like Goldman Sachs) will switch sides in this game soon. Hopefully with our own corrupt lobbyists in congress(because all lobbyists for any organization are corrupt and unscrupulous), this will even out the playing field and get more favorable regulatory measures for crypto.

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