Dogecoin, IOTA, TRON, XLM – Top coins for September/October 2018

September so far has not been a good one for cryptocurrencies as the price of Bitcoin has dropped 1,000 points, dragging the Alt coin market down with it. However, among the carnage, there are four coins that seem to have a bright future in the world of cryptocurrency.

The first is Dogecoin. Doge is one of the few coins to go against the tide, although probably with some price manipulation at hand. Dogecoin developers have finished successfully testing the Dogethereum bridge, allowed quick transactions between Dogecoin and any ERC20 token. Dogecoin has also gotten listed on Yahoo Finance which potentially puts it in front of millions of new investors. The price of Doge is high right now because of this news and Dogecoin may see a correction but it is probably a good coin for the long term because of its increased visibility and its strong community.

IOTA is the coin that is high up on the list because of the partnerships it has with BOSCH, Volkswagen, and ENGIE. Iota has other partnerships as well but the one with BOSCH and Volkswagen stand out because they may be the gateway for IOTA to completely re-define the business and supply chain processes for the entire car manufacturing industry via IOTA’s “tangle” architecture. This alone gives IOTA a great chance to be one of the top cryptocurrencies in the future.

TRON and Justin Sun has been busy lately, acquiring BitTorrent(something that a lot of coins were looking at), starting Atlas, partnering with Crypto and Proud, launching the TRON Virtual Machine, and building hype about a possible future partnership with Alibaba(nothing confirmed yet). TRON has the ability to be the top mainnet of the future powering various entertainment platforms and is a coin to watch.

XLM has been busy partnering itself with IBM and launching a payment system via IBM that is being pushed by IBM to its clients, many of whom are banks. It has also acquired “chain” which is a blockchain project that was backed by credit card giant VISA and has VISA as one of its clients. XLM is moving with lightning speed into the banking and finance industry and could be the blockchain of choice for that industry in the future.

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